Chemical Spinning and Texturizing
Lazor Blade is used by synthetic yarn producers to improve their machine efficiency and prevent equipment damage. If spinning is done with godets, wraps can be safely and rapidly removed without the danger of marring the yarn contact surface of the godet. 

Excess fibers can also be removed from the traverse assembly including the grooved roll, if one is used, and the bobbin drive roll without the danger of cuts and nicks. 

Polyester staple fiber producers have been able to reduce machine damage and increase efficiency in both the spinning and drawing areas by use of the Lazor Blade. The unique Lazor Blade principle uses a small jet of super heated air to cut synthetic fibers. It allows roll wraps and other unwanted accumulations to be safely and rapidly removed. As there is no physical contact between the Lazor Blade and the equipment being cleaned, there is reduced chance of damage to yarn contact surfaces.

Roll wraps on the new heavy denier draw frames, especially those with outboard bearings, are extremely hard to remove with mechanical cutting tools but are easily cut and removed by the simple jet of super heated air supplied by Lazor Blade.  


The Lazor Blade can be used to improve the operation of machinery. Yarn wraps around shafts, traverses, and drive rolls are safely removed.
   During routine shutdowns for maintenance the Lazor Blade can be used to completely strip high speed machine components of accumulated waste. The Lazor Blade is ideal to access hard to reach areas of equipment. 
   Customers greatly improved his machine efficiency , downtime and reduce damage through the use of the Lazor Blade.