Chemical Spinning and Texturizing
Lazor Blade is used by synthetic yarn producers to improve their machine efficiency and prevent equipment damage. If spinning is done with godets, wraps can be safely and rapidly removed without the danger of marring the yarn contact surface of the godet. Nicks or scratches on the roll surface caused by scissors or knives require recroming or refinishing of the godet.

Wrapsand other unwanted fibers can also be removed from the traverse assembly including the grooved roll, if one is used, and thebobbin drive roll without the danger of cuts and nicks. One damaged drive roll or grooved roll will more than pay for the cost of several Lazor Blades.

Polyester staple fiber producing have been able to reduce machine damage and increase efficiency in both the spinning and drawing areas by use of Lazor Blade. The unique Lazor Blade principle uses a small jet of super heated air to cut synthetic fibers. It allows roll wraps and other unwanted accumulations to be safely and rapidly removed. As there is no physical contact between theLazorBlade and the equipment being cleaned, there is no possibility of damage to yarn contact surfaces.

Roll wraps on the new heavy denier drawframes, especially those with outboard bearings, are extremely hard to remove with mechanical cutting tools but are easily cut and removed by the simple jet of super heated air supplied by Lazor Blade.  Again roll damage is a forgotten worry.

Lazor Blade is used by many texturizers as a production tool to improve the operation of their machines. Yarn wraps around shafts, traverses, and drive rolls are safely removed frequently without stopping the machine.
Lazor Blades are assigned to machine cleaning personnel and are used to continually remove waste accumulation before it becomes dangerous.
   During routine shutdowns for maintenance several Lazor Blades are used to completely strip the high speed machine components of accumulated waste in a minimum of time. The long wand of the Lazor Blade is ideal for this use. It can reach small openings to cut and remove the waste without contact.
   One synthetic yarn texturizer has greatly improved his machine efficiency and reduced machine damage through the use of Lazor Blades. By the use of transfer tails and random doffing this company is able to keep their texturizers in continuous production. To clean the accumulated waste and wraps from the machine without shutdowns this producer has found the Lazor Blade to be invaluable. Several Model HAS 2500 LazorBlades were purchased and mounted on light weight mobile carts. These carts are used on routine patrol to cut and remove waste as it accumulates. A trash can is mounted on the cart for the waste to be disposed into. All unwanted fiber cannot be removed while the texturizer is in operation so routine shutdowns for maintenance several Lazor Blades are used to quickly strip off the material.
   When string-up problems occur and small, unusable amounts of yarn are wound on the take-up tube,this producer uses the Lazor Blade to strip the tube without damaging the surface so it can immediately be recycled. Lazor Blades have been found to be the best tool to remove this type of accumulation. Hot calrod units cannot reach into the small openingsthat an Lazor Blade can reach and take longer to heat to a usable temperature. Scissors and knives are both dangerous and can cause machine damage.